Corporate Innovative Mindset Workshop

As organizations, industries and consumers become more dynamic, Corporate Entrepreneurship become more important. However Corporate Entrepreneurship does NOT just happen. it requires appropriate mindset, culture, strategies and system. This workshop will help participant create the mindset that build a thriving entrepreneurial culture throughout your corporate.

“Why Innovation Mindset”
There are many significant changes in today’s business, Skill may not be as important as the Mindset. Since many businesses were transformed by innovation. Some necessary skills might not be useful anymore. But if it is the right concept or attitude of people in the organization, especially the executive level that have an important role as the contribution in creating innovation and company’s culture, it can be the competitiveness of the company to sustainably reach the objective the current business environment.

“Who is right for this Workshop”
Entrepreneur and business owner of all sizes
Medium to high executive level
Head of Human Resources Department (HR)
Employees who are the future of the company
Freelance worker

“Workshop Outcome”
Develop the right mindset with up-to-date vision in order for workshop attendees to get to understand and be able to integrate knowledge into practice to drive the organization towards the objective in today’s competitive business.

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