Crypto Master Class


This course is a 2-day extensive secret sauce course for investors to be able to invest and win in the cryptocurrency market.

The course explores the broad concept of the coming of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It then digs in depth to the mechanisms of how cryptocurrency prices are established to equip prospective investors with enough knowledge to be able to invest safely and prudently in cryptocurrencies. Ensuring investment literacy, the course offers a workshop that guides prospective investors in setting up an account and trading.

This course swiftly lays the crucial fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and answers the essential questions to make you literate in cryptocurrency investment.
 What is blockchain?
 Why are there cryptocurrencies/tokens?
 Who is there in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies?
 Where is it safe to invest in cryptocurrencies?
 When is it good to invest in cryptocurrencies?

“Workshop Outcome”

1. Gain a basic understanding of how the blockchain technology works and its relation to cryptocurrencies/tokens
2. Be able to invest and manage a personal cryptocurrency portfolio
3. Be able to identify possible security risks that are present and ways to mitigate for those risks when investing in cryptocurrencies
4. Be able to prudently analyze cryptocurrencies to be able to professionally invest in cryptocurrencies
5. Be able to identify and invest in good investment grade ICOs


 Invested and mined Ethereum 2015
 Full time Crypto since mid 2017
 Private Offshore Crypto Hedge Fund
 Partner at (Singapore Based ICO Advisory, Blockchain Technology VC (token and equity deals))

For more information, please contact Khun Sai +66875077875
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