Digital Disruption Strategy: Driving your business growth

WHY Digital Disruption Strategy?

Nowadays, winning in the furious market competition is required organizations to do beyond just a good product but it is required understanding consumers to design the offers, creating a right storytelling to win consumers, and utilizing digital and technology to stay above the competition and to survive in the market.

This is why organizations need to transform themselves before their business is not relevant to consumers and the market.

WHO is right for this Workshop?

This program is appropriate for decision makers from any industry who want to improve their organization’s capacity to formulate and implement digital transformation.

It is equally suited for professionals from established companies who want to develop new revenue sources or from startups launching new offerings. While no specific training is required, participants should have a basic understanding of marketing and financial principles.

“Workshop Outcome”
Learn framework to develop new revenue sources or starting up the new launching new offering.
Design innovative, go-to-market strategies that fuel growth
Create more value and secure a competitive advantage
Identify and exploit new markets that are uncontested
Apply communication strategies to market your business offerings
Experience how big conglomerates and startups are working together to drive transformation

By Dr. Supachai Parchariyanon: CEO & Founder MCFIVA / RISE
Kunchalee Sumleerat: Consultant and coach more than 15 years of experience
Bangorn Suwannamongkol: Managing Director and Founder Hummingbirds Research and Marketing Consultant

For more information, please contact Khun Sai +66875077875
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